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My Mobility

Personalised, Connected, Rapid Recovery after Knee Replacement

My Mobility is linked exclusively to Zimmer-Biomet implants, not to all surgeries.

My Mobility is a digital patient engagement platform. Patient engagement refers to the patient taking an active role in their own recovery. If there is an operation that requires an engaged patient for an optimal outcome it is a knee replacement. My Mobility has been customised for this practice and will deliver relevant information to you at the time that information is required for you to execute your recovery as well as possible. It also keeps you in contact with your care team during the critical early recovery phase. The platform, if used correctly, can make a real difference to the speed of your recovery, the risks you take during that recovery and to the final outcome of your surgery. I encourage you in the strongest possible terms to engage with the technology so you make good decisions and stay connected.

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