Dr Peter McEwen

MBBS FRACS(Orth) FAOrthA DipModLang

The only specialist in the north of Australia dedicated solely to surgery of the knee


When borders open

When international and state borders open the likelihood is that there will be many more active COVID cases in the Townsville community. Your immunisation status will then impact on the requirements for an in person consultation in this office. The requirements detailed below apply only to this practice and will be put in place to avoid myself and my staff being quarantined for extended periods because of high risk contact with a contagious individual.

  • If you are fully immunised and have no symptoms you can do an in-person consultation. You will however have to prove you are immunised when entering the office. This is best done by linking your vaccination certificate to the Queensland Check-in app. This is done through the My Gov and Medicare apps. 

  • If you are not fully immunised you must have a negative COVID test result in the preceding 3 days. A Rapid Antigen Test is sufficient. If you've had a PCR test then text message sent from the lab is sufficient. A formal certificate is not required.

  • If you are not fully immunised and do not have a negative test you will not be able to do an in person consultation, except in extraordinary circumstances. This will require yourselves and everybody dealing with you to have an N95 mask. The cost of this equipment will be added to your consultation fee.

 For instructions on how to set up for telemedicine hit this link


Injured and Uninsured?

Surgery in a private hospital is expensive. Health insurance covers most of these costs. If you are uninsured Medicare will make a small copayment but everything else will be on you. Costs can be substantially reduced by shortening, or even better, avoiding an inpatient stay. The implant choices your surgeon makes also has a huge effect on cost. For example an ACL reconstruction done as a day case using a Patellar Ligament graft can be over $3000 cheaper than when done with an overnight stay and a hamstring graft (day surgery is routine and Patellar Ligament grafts have lower failure rates so nothing is compromised). A detailed quote can be provided on request.


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